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What is "The 1718 Project"

This website and the 1718 Project focuses on the first mass-migration of Scotch-Irish families from Ireland to settle in America. Previous areas of settlement had included Charleston, South Carolina; the eastern shore of Maryland; New Jersey and Philadelphia regions of Pennsylvania. 1718 saw the 1st concentrated group of families connected by church, marriage or region to build towns and settlements that exist to this day. Topsham in Maine. Londonderry in New Hampshire. Donegal, Pennsylvania. Many more S-I filled in communities and created a distinct Protestant community. Worcester then Pelham, MA. Brunswick, ME. Lancaster, PA. Voluntown, CT. However, the individual families who emigrated in 1718-1720 have not been documented and they number in the thousands. Estimates are 3 to 10 thousand people. Finding, documenting, identifying the first families is the 1718 Project.

What is "Scotch-Irish"


What is "Ulster"

Ulster, in the authors opinion, is the counties of northern Ireland who were involved in the British settlement of Scottish and English settlers in Ireland. Donegal, Londonderry, Tyrone, Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Cavan. 

13 Colonies or Bust??

No. This project has found many family histories recorded and saved all over the world. The points of landing in America do include only the 13 Colonies. However, you will find references to Canada esp. Nova Scotia; New Orleans; California etc.

How does my family "qualify"

Simple. Present your information in whatever format you choose. Colin Brooks or a 1718 team member will review your information for inclusion in the Project. We WILL have a page for ALL families being researched by members of the website who emigrated pre-1725 to America.

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